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Business Institute of Australia | BIA

Business Institute of Australia (BIA) offers nationally accredited and internationally recognised qualifications in the fields of management, accounting and management. Qualifications obtained at BIA fulfils the requirements of Business and Financial Services Training Package, and could also be used to pathway into further studies offered at universities and colleges across Australia.

BIA is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 (NVR2011) and the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). BIA is also registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions & Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

Por que estudiar en

Business Institute of Australia | BIA

- Training and quality assessment

- Workshops and hands-on training
Flexible schedule in working hours and after-hours classes

- Reasonable cost and course duration

- Conveniently located in Sydney CBD

- Great student support with a multicultural environment to support your learning process.
support their learning process.

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All new Students get a $100 AUD Gift Card.
* valid for enrollments (offer letter issued) during the fair period  - 29 of March 2021 to 9 of April 2021.
** Student will get gift card after COE issued student enrolled (Student need to finish orientation).
***1 gift card per student. Valid for Sydney.

Visa Allowance ($620 AUD).
- Times Education Group is proud to provide a Student Visa Allowance for students who successfully enrol in Times Education Institutions.This allowance aims to assist students with the $620 Visa application fee.

Follows the link for all the promo details:

Extra $500 discount for following courses:
- Certificate IV of Leadership and Management.
- Diploma of Leadership and Management.
- Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management.
- Diploma of Social Media.
- Certificate III in Travel.
- Diploma in Travel.
- Advanced Diploma in Travel.

New price - $1250  per term.

¿Qué puedes estudiar?

Skills for Vocational Pathways:
- Certificate I in Skills for vocational Pathways.
- Certificate II in Skills for vocational Pathways.

Travel and Tourism:
- Certificate III Travel.
- Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management.
- Advanced Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management.

Marketing and Communication:
- Certificate IV Marketing and Communication.
- Diploma in Marketing and Communication.
- Advanced Diploma in Marketing and Communication.

Social Media Marketing:
- Diploma of Social Media Marketing.

- Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping.
- Diploma in Accounting.
- Advanced Diploma of Accounting.

Leadership and Management:
- Certificate IV Leadership and Management.
- Diploma of Leadership and Management.
- Advanced Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Professor & Students

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